Estudio Guerrina

Firm’s origin and members in brief

Estudio Guerrina’s history began more than 60 years ago, during the early ‘50s, and founded by the CPA-economist, now deceased, Mr. Lino R. Bensich Dellepiane, born in the city of Treinta y Tres, Uruguay, son of a prestigious merchant of that city.

In April 1977 Ms. María Teresa Valeta Vallendor, Mr. Lino R. Bensich’s niece, and Mr. Alfonso Guerrina Vázquez, both CPA’s-graduates in administration, joined the Firm.

During the ‘80s Mr. Alfonso Guerrina Vázquez associated with Mr. Lino R. Bensich, continuing as partner of the Firm at the present time.

In January 1998 Mr. Ignacio Guerrina Valeta, CPA and son of Ms. Teresa Valeta and Mr. Alfonso Guerrina, was incorporated as employee, becoming partner of the Firm on January 2005, situation that remains unchanged nowadays.

As a consequence, the second and third generation of CPA’s of the family work together in the Firm nowadays.

Our professional services

Among the vast kind of personalized services we lend to our clients, we can mention the following ones:

  • Tax consulting and planning

  • Tax calculation

  • Audit of Financial Statements, tax calculations and social security contributions

  • Investment projects presentation and monitoring (tax regime: “promoción de inversiones”)

  • Financial Statements preparation under International Standards

  • Book-keeping

  • Construction project administration

  • Investment project feasibility study

  • Calculation of salaries, wages and social security contributions

  • HR and HR regulation consulting

  • Tax audit management before government agencies (DGI, BPS, MTSS)

  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting

  • Investment Fund and BVI SPC Companies administration

  • Investment Fund book-keeping

  • Financial Statements preparation under International Standards for Investment Funds

  • Administrative and accounting services for off-shore financial institutions

Our Clients

The Firm’s client portfolio is composed by a very vast kind of companies of well known trajectories.

Among their lines of business we can find:

  • Agriculture

  • Cattle breeding

  • Finance

  • Wealth management

  • Investment funds

  • Software

  • IT in general

  • Construction

  • Warehouses

  • Household equipment

  • Press

  • Clothing

  • Farming seeds and agrochemicals

  • Farming machinery parts

  • Hotels

  • Veterinary clinic and petshops

  • Freights

  • Professional services

Our clients are domiciled all over Uruguay and also abroad.

Firm’s Profile

Estudio Guerrina has experienced sustained growth with a strategic profile. Arbitrary growth of our client portfolio is not was moves us but, quite on the contrary, our philosophy has always been to grow together with the companies who we work with and also to seek growth through strategically identified clients.

We often define us as a “Boutique” Firm, where direct and personalized services are lent to each client. Our focus is to achieve the creation of a team together with the companies who we work for and to pursuit long term relationships with them, having always in mind that our goals must be shared ones.

We give our best effort to lend high quality services to our clients on areas such as economics, finance, tax, commercial and accounting. Likewise, pursuant to the connection between these areas with legal, notary and HR issues, we keep close professional relationships and strategic alliances with prestigious Firms that develop on that activities.

Our permanent concern is to increase the quality of our services every day. The members of the Firm must not only have the necessary knowledge in order to fulfill their tasks, but also the seek of self-improvement must be present and the satisfaction in doing our work as best as we can.

We follow our vision based on our team: employees, partners, and associates. That is the reason why our self-improvement policy is emphasized, jointly with permanent training and fostering any activity which will end up in the team’s professional upgrade.


Colonia 922, 7th floor

Galería Libertador | Montevideo - Uruguay

Tel. | Fax: (598) 2900.3579 | 2902.3506

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Colonia 922, 7th floor

Galería Libertador | Montevideo - Uruguay

Tel. | Fax: (598) 2900.3579 | 2902.3506

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